Welcome to Dyonne Lewis, Real Estate Angel.

Dyonne Lewis in a joint effort with The Dyonne Lewis Show, has launched this unique pilot project.

This experimental collaboration is in partnership with a registered Canadian charity:

WE Network is a powerful network to bring about positive change in society. The Home Sweet Home pilot project is conceived to help a dozen aspiring homebuyers purchase a residential property.

In order to prepare the workshop for maximum one-on-one individual attention, in a 30 minute time slot, a limited number of attendees are invited to participate. Please REGISTER to attend the first-time homebuyers educational workshop this Saturday at noon.

Get ready to go house shopping, to buy, and to own, or at the very least, level up the roof over your head and pay rent in a better appointed neighbourhood in Ajax by the lake or another well-loved community in Durham region.

Dyonne Lewis is a nonprofit ‘Angel Investor’ for the charity who is leading the charge, in association with Ms. Lewis as a Buyer’s Agent. She sources value-priced properties to arrange affordable housing oportunities for working class families currently renting in Toronto, and the Greater Toronto Area.

Anything from a 20% downpayment or more goes a long way to break into Ontario’s competitive real estate market in 2020. Make sure to register, above, and download the latest Zoom App.

The Educational Workshop could make the difference in securing a primary residential property that is affordable, versus maintaining a lifestyle where one is priced outside of the housing market and winds up renting for decades–flushing tens of thousand of dollars away that should have been leveraged to increase one’s net worth.

Lewis wants to help elevate the lot of industrious working class families in society by helping them enter the middleclass world of homeownership. Real Estate is one investment that has remained the most fail-proof appreciating asset in the attainment of the Canadian dream.

Individuals who are paying over $1,200 in monthly market rent may want to consider the value of putting that money towards carrying a mortgage and owning their own home.

Dyonne Lewis is a former Ontario mortgage agent originally licensed in 2008 with the Financial Services Commission of Ontario. She is a charity entrepreneur in the unlicensed industry of Real Estate Prospecting as a “Buyer’s Agent.” She negotiates and collaborates with builders and contractors, brokers, agents, realtors, and banks to champion the cause of first-time homebuyers.

Ms. Lewis has a heart to help educate and elevate the poor in society and this is the reason she decided to become a Charity Real Estate Angel Investor & Buyer’s Agent who provides financial resources, coaching, and guidance to make homeownership dreams a reality for poor working class families.

Brokerage Houses and Realtor Agencies serve corporate interests of banks, trusts, and private lenders.  Dyonne Lewis focuses on giving a helping hand to inexperienced prospective homebuyers who need an “angel” to help them secure a downpayment to buy a home in the GTA.

Ms. Lewis has created an Educational Toolkit for triple win solutions.  Everybody winning is the Lewis definition of success.  And that is what she strives to do in helping families achieve the Canadian dream of home ownership with the Home Sweet Home pilot project:

  1. She is dedicated to securing affordable housing which is a win for the first-time buyer or altruistic real estate angel donor.
  2. A qualified homeobuyer is an inevitable win for lenders.
  3. And a solid deal is a certain win for sellers/builder-developers.


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