Real Estate Angel Investing

Portfolio building assets which leverage time, creditable deals, and deiniteness of purpose, make winning financial case studies.

Why do you think it’s much easier today to make your real estate empire dreams a reality than ever?

Imagine belonging to a mastermind group which helps its members purchase a single family home, vacation home, and investment properties to build generational wealth. Welcome to Lewis Real Estate Angels Take part in an experimental “afformation” wealth building project.

“Afformations are empowering questions that immediately change your subconscious thought patterns from negative to positive. Building on the incredible power of affirmations to draw abundant changes into your life. Afformations allow you to focus on what your deepest desires are to empower you to manifest them.” –Google

Reverse Engineer your real estate goals and take the customized steps you personally need to make your dream come true.

Ask yourself, “Why am I a real estate entrepreneur with a portfolio of millions of dollars worth of assets?”

To prepare for the telephone interview check out this listing at 18 Oswell Drive in Ajax, Ontario and write down the ten things that you like most about this residential family home and income property.

Get ready to gain “know-how” and “privileged” critical insight about grabbing opportunities that can put you on the fast track to millions of dollars worth of porfolio assets in the real estate market.

Fractional Angel Investors may be the key to your homeownership dreams.

To buy, and to own in a better appointed neighbourhood and to build impressive financial equity is possible with the help of an “Angel Investor”.

We are a group of private investors who liaise to acquire generational wealth.

Dyonne Lewis is a former Ontario mortgage agent originally licensed in 2008 with the Financial Services Commission of Ontario.

Ms. Lewis has a heart to help educate and elevate to provide knowledge, resources, coaching, and guidance to make homeownership dreams a reality for working class individuals.

Brokerage Houses and Realtor Agencies serve corporate interests of banks, trusts, and private lenders.  Dyonne Lewis helps prospective new homebuyers who need an “angel” to help them purchase reeal estate in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond.

Mrs. Lewis is the mastermind behind the the Angel Investing pilot project:

  1. She is dedicated to educating people who are serious about securing affordable housing which is a win for the first-time buyer. 
  2. A qualified homeobuyer is an inevitable win for lenders.
  3. And a solid deal is a certain win for sellers/builder-developers.

BUYER’S AGENT LINK: What is a Buyer’s Agent